Why Use Harris & Harris

Why Use Harris & Harris

We are Solicitors authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.  This is for your protection.  We have insurance cover for our liabilities to you if anything goes wrong.

We support and apply the SRA Core Principles.  We go further and issue our own Client Care Standards, which are included in our Terms of Business.  These set out the level of service you should expect from us.

We are independent lawyers.  Clients come to us because of their own experience or due to recommendations.    Where clients are referred to us this is because other professional services think we are the best firm to assist you.   We will not sell you anything that you do not need and we do not pay any referral fees for your business.

If for any reason we have to refer your case to another solicitor, or to a financial advisor or expert we will recommend the best person for you and your case.  We will not be influenced by the possibility of receiving commission or any other payment because we won’t be getting any.

Sometimes we will recommend you take out insurance which we can arrange for you.  We will not keep any commission received on any insurance products.

We will give you honest information about costs.  At the start we will give you the best information we can, and keep it under review.  We will tell you if it is a fixed price or an estimate.  In cases where costs cannot be fixed you can ask us to set a limit on your costs.

There are many documents that you may need to produce in future, and it may cause delay and expense if you can’t. We will not charge you for storing important documents, or for producing them from storage.

Do we deliver?  In client care surveys, over the past 5 years more that 95% of clients responding said they had received a good quality service and would recommend us.  See their comments at the top of each page.

If you think that we do not give you a good service we want to know.  Firstly, tell the person acting for you.  If you are not satisfied with their response, please see our Complaints Procedure and contact the Complaints Partner.

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