Section 21 Abolished

Section 21 to be abolished: the end of ‘no fault evictions’.  The Government White Paper “deliver a fairer, more secure private rented sector” published in June 2022 outlines the Government’s plans to provide tenants with greater security of tenure with landlords only being able to remove tenants if certain grounds are met. According to the Government’s 12 point plan, grounds will be reformed to make sure that landlords have effective means to gain possession  when necessary and will expedite landlord’s ability to evict those who disrupt neighbourhoods through antisocial behaviour and introduce new grounds for persistent arrears and sale of property.  Although no changes to the law have been made as yet, the Commons Library published a Research Briefing on 24 October 2022 reporting that it is the Government’s intention to introduce the rental reform Bill in the course of this Parliament.  Although no changes to the law have been made yet, landlords may want to consider at this stage the impact upon them if it is impossible to end the tenancy unless certain grounds are met.

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