Marathon Success for Shobee

What an inspiration and well deserved result.

Harris & Harris Solicitor, Shobee Chant, ran the London Marathon at a time of 5:49:40 and has raised over £2,000 for Cancer Research UK.

Shobee said “cramps started at mile 11 and blisters at 17. Given that and the continued rain, and almost colliding with a wheelchair, I was pleased with the finish time seeing as I wanted to finish sub 6 hours anyway. The crowds were colossal and magic, turned out in droves and all the way – there was nothing thinning out. London truly delivered.

“I also wanted to run a marathon and added it to my bucket list a long time ago. Having said that, I also needed my first to be in my own capital city which I love and adore. I dreamed of running the London Marathon, I believed I could do it, I achieved it, with the help and support of so many. I am truly overwhelmed.”

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